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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  December 21, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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is back up here in d.c. and beyond. we have the full story. >> i have to report that there is a glimmer of hope here. whereas yesterday all british airways flights were canceled, as were many from paris and frankfurt, this afternoon of the logjam is beginning to break. ♪ >> these choirs are singing christmas carols and the blues. they will not get back home to england until christmas day. >> i was quite upset. christmas is quite a big thing in our family. >> it was a big disappointment. >> falcons have been stranded for a fourth straight day. -- thousands have been stranded for a fourth straight day. heathrow has said no thank you
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and to military help. >> i am truly sorry for every spiled christmas holiday, every disrupted travel plan. >> at dulles airport, a special line has been set up for rebuting british airways flights. but after days of have a, there are some signs that things are getting back -- days of havoc, there are some signs that things are getting back to normal. a flight arrived from paris. >> things are chaotic. this is causing lots of problems. >> problems are abating for those lucky enough to get home for the holidays. >> heathrow says it is going to before servicefourth there is fully restored.
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one young man did find a british airways tickets available for $8,400. he did not buy it. >> thank you. in california, rain is floodingproblems ofi and mudslides. we will have more on the wild west whether in just a little bit. breaking news coming out of arlington. washington gas and says a contractor struck align earlier this afternoon. right now, the north and southbound ramps are closed. it is also shut down between 26 and 22nd street. the delays are expected to last throughout this evening. attacks could target holiday travelers.
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meanwhile, british authorities say 12 men arrested yesterday might have been attacking -- planning an attack on a landmark. eric holder says his biggest concern is homegrown terror. in the last 18 months, 15 people have been charged with acts of terrorism. random bag searches went into effect today. how did passengers respond? >> it all depends on who you talk to. take a look at this. >> i do not know what i was doing or why i was selected. >> how are camera's got two people going through random bag searches -- our cameras caught two people going through random bag searches today. this woman was not too happy about it. >> it is uncalled for. >> you do not like it? >> i do not like it.
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>> there has been talk of implementing these searches in the past, but it never happened. these random searches comes six weeks after a man was arrested for allegedly plotting to bomb mattress stations in northern virginia. -- bomb metro stations in northern virginia. officials say they may be conducted at one stock at a time. if people refuse, they may not be able to board. >> if this keeps the writers and safe, i do not see what the problem is -- riders say, i do not see what the problem is. >> [unintelligible]
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>> as far as the random bag searches go, they started today and officials say they will go on indefinitely. >> thank you. people who were accused of planning an attack on facebook will remain in jail without bond. prosecutors showed a judge pictures from the computer. one person is holding a rifle. prosecutors found another photo they're using as evidence. >> a person charged with murder will undergo a competency exam. the 18-year-old is accused of attacking both of his parents. his mother died after being stabbed multiple times. he is now being held without bond.
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officials say he was using drugs with a friend just before the attack. the mother's funeral is scheduled for tomorrow. >> a medical examiner has determined that 70-year-old ali mohammed was indeed murdered. the case raises a lot of questions. >> we are in front of the nightclub where members of the ethiopian community have gathered in response to the finding. the medical examiner also made some findings that could make prosecution difficult. >> outrage rock to the ethiopian community after second-degree murder charges were brought against five men from the d.c.-9 at night club. >> we want them to be arrested and charged with of the murder of my friend. >> the medical examiner has
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determined that ali mohammed was murdered, which brings up some satisfaction. >> we have been saying all along that this was a homicide. he was brutally beaten on the street. >> he apparently smashed the door of this club with a break. this caused five men from the club to chase him down. they say they restrained him until police car arrived. the medical examiner blames his death in part on restraint as well as a litany of other factors such as alcohol intoxication, delirium, cardiac anomaly and physical exertion. mention of any injuries related to beating. >> whatever it was, they consider it a homicide. >> the u.s. attorney's office issued a statement saying it would review the medical
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examiner's findings carefully and continue the investigation. it is very important to point out that the medical examiner's definition of homicide and the forensic definition of a homicide may be different. >> very interesting. thank you. police are looking for three men who stole money and jewelry from a store. they say that three suspects robbed the store on sunday. after the robbery, the manager chase did the men. one apparently fired shots. police have only vague descriptions of the other two suspects. >> the united states population is still growing, but at the slowest rate since the great depression. the census says that more than
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308 million people now live in the united states. in nevada saw the largest population of growth and michigan was the only state that saw a decline in population. coming up at 6:00, we will discuss who will gain and lose congressional seats as a result of the senses. there was a lower birth rate last year, which the recession may have played a part in. the rush is on as people hit at the mall for last days of shopping. we spoke to some of the procrastinators. we are live with more. >> it is really starting to feel like a crunch time here. technically, you have three full days and what ever you can get done tonight after work and watching abc seven years.
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a lot of people still have a lot but -- abc-7 news. a lot of people still have a lot of shopping to do. christmas is on saturday. >> of would say 80%, but if you want the truth, 20%. >> i am just starting. i have three days left. >> for this man, it is not procrastination. >> we are welcoming a new grandchild. >> predictions are that shoppers will spend more than last year. there is even a procrastination station. >> we are much busier than we were last year. >> how many people were on your list? >> 6.
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i got everybody done except my sister. >> she is loaded down like santa after four hours of shopping. nearly 12% of shoppers do not plan to finish until christmas eve. >> i only have my sister left and she will not tell me what she wants. i told her if she does not tell me in the next 10 minutes, she is getting jeggings and crocs. >> i am not sure what some of those things are, but it sounds like a resistor may want to give her a better list. dying is definitely running out. enfevered, desperate shoppers will show up thursday and friday. >> procrastination station is where you belong. >> coming up, a new musical on
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broadway goes terribly wrong. someone is sent to the hospital in front of a live audience. >> president obama is asking for a new policy to make nursing mothers comfortable at work. >> a father is looking for answers as to why no dame did not take action after his daughter -- notre dame did not take action after his daughter reported being attacked. >>
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>> and a musical spectaculars turned into a disaster on broadway. >> that is right. a stunt man fell 30 feet into the pit. an ambulance had to rush him into the hospital. he is in serious condition of with broken ribs. the accident left the audience and stunned. >> the person playing spider- man fell. >> you heard mary jane and scream. of the house lights came up.
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>> it is the fourth accident to plague the $65 million broadway show. the show does not even opened yet. opening night has been pushed back to february 7th. >> a former ambassador of the redskins cheerleading squad accused her boyfriend of who is. she has not been seen since november 12th, when she went to visit him. she had lived to las vegas to become a eight burlesque dancer. >> the west is dealing with rain and snow, which is creating a huge mess. we have the latest from california. >> in california, rain totals have doubled and even tripled previous records, causing some residents to evacuate their
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houses in flood-prone areas. >> we have a car packed with food and water. we are getting out of here. >> this woman was saved after her pickup truck was swept away. she was trying to cross a road near a swollen creek. all this rain is not all bad for some residents. >> it is nice to finally have winter in california. >> for many southern californians living in high risk fire zones, the wet weather has eased doubts about a fire season. they can expect 3-6 more inches of rain before wednesday. as all of this moisture moves east, residence and there will shovels andsn snowplows. >> and goodness.
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>> they go from fire season to mud season. >> it is all extremes. and we are looking at the next season to hit california tomorrow. that will be tracking across the country and may be hitting the east coast. we have a busy, busy whether week, especially headed towards christmas. right now, it is 33 degrees outside of our studio. there is a western breezed causing a chill in the air. here it is the story overnight. we will have some clouds moved in. temperatures will drop locally it to the mid-upper-20's. at this hour, it is actually pretty comfortable, 37 degrees at reagan international. we are going to check the
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numbers. maybe we hit 40, but i do not think we have been that warm in washington since the first of the month. it has been of very cold december, averaging seven degrees below average. it is very quiet here. we are looking at a couple of weather features. the biggest one is this low area of energy spinning right here. that is going to drop down and hit southern california with a little rain. it will come east through denver. over the next few days, computer models suggest that by christmas morning it will intensify down in the south. i stand here with a full head of white hair from the stress of dealing with this, because this is what we are looking at. one computer model, a very
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reliable one sometimes, suggests that this could become a much bigger storm, head north, and produce quite a bit of snow. we are not much further down the road in telling you if we expect that to happen just yet. we are going to keep a close eye on things because it could go either way right now. there will be dry weather through christmas eve. it looks like it will be christmas day and sunday when potentially we have these wintry issues. there will be clouds tonight and tomorrow. the next seven days look like this. 39 degrees tomorrow, 37 on thursday. christmas eve, we will say partly cloudy skies with a possibility of snow. if anything, it looks like it may slow down a bit into sunday. it is frustrating so many people travelling.
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so much relies on travel over the big holiday weekend. we will keep watching, but we are not able to say yet if we are looking at a little bit or a lot of snow. >> did you watch the big lunar show? >> i got up at 4 in the morning and saw it. >> this happened overnight. a rare, a total eclipse of the moon. we were able to capture the earth's shadow passing over the moon. the show lasted for 3.5 hours, and it was the first time in nearly 400 years and that the eclipsed coincided with the winter solstice. >> it is a good thing you got this morning. i mean that for all of us. [laughter] "dancing with the stars" is
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on tonight. we will see his still has a trophy. -- "skating with the stars" is on tonight. we will see the still has a chance at the trophy. >> coming up, some very special shopping. >> and a disturbing video uncovered by the humane society. who is paying the price for the mistreatment of pigs? >> and a suicide by a student who was
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>> a young college student reports that she was sexually assaulted by a football player and days later she committed suicide. >> the woman's father spoke exclusively to abc, as saying that the university failed to act. >> a father is searching for justice for her daughter. she was a freshman at the university of notre dame. she claims she was sexually assaulted by a football player. she told police, "he proceeded
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to grab my face and started to kiss me." she says she was crying and so scared she could not move. after the alleged attack, her parents and say their daughter received a text from a friend that had left her alone. it read, "do not do any thank you -- anything that you would regret." days later, she committed suicide. the father says the university claimed they could not locate the football player. >> he took the field twice. 160,000 people saw him before the police did. >> the family alleges and notary dame did not follow the
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student code of conduct. dame issued a statement. >> i am insulted by the idea that because we are grieving, somehow we are not rational. >> the case is hindered by the fact that she is not alive to testify. >> coming up, a trip to the airport becomes a happy reunion. >> it is the essence of christmas, the symbol of christmas. >> take a look at the nativity scene that takes up an entire living room. meet the man responsible and you're quiet mean so much to his family and community. you're quiet mean so much to his family and community. -- and hero why it means so
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the moment you feel run down or achy nip flu-like symptoms in the bud, with oscillococcinum. get oscillo and feel like yourself again. oscillococcinum, nip it in the bud. >> a teenager opens the door to his house and is met with a gunshot. police are searching for the shooter. >> it happen this afternoon in silver springs. we are live on the scene with the latest details. >> police said 1:30 p.m. a relative game, only to find the door -- at 1:30 p.m., a relative came home, only to find the door open.
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his relative had been shot and is now in grave condition. this woman was visibly emotional. detectives did their best to comfort her. it was here on the front steps of the house where the in 19- year-old son was critically wounded after being shot multiple times. >> he went to my middle school and everything. he is like my brother. >> relatives and friends arrived in the quiet neighborhood now turned crime scene. they are confused and looking for answers. but this is not the first time neighbors have heard gunshots here. a few months ago, shots were fired outside of the same house. that time, no one was wounded. tonight, a very different outcome. >> family members called us.
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>> the high school ran the corner was placed on code blue for a time. meanwhile, police art collecting clues from bubblegum to use it see these, to cigarette butts on the street -- used cd's, to cigarette butts on the street. back here live, police actually have k9 in the house. the code blue was lifted at the high school and students were able to leave on time. the victim has not been identified. he graduated last year. police tell us that the two male suspects got away in a dark, small geo-like vehicle. >> thank you. some people have been fired
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for mistreating pigs at a pennsylvania farm. the main society filed the complaint. today, two employees and as supervisor were fired for violating animal welfare policies. the humane society is urging the government to ban this type of containment. >> welfare has been cut for thousands of families. this is for people who have been getting checks for more than five years. >> just in time for christmas, the council voted to cut benefits for families by 20%. if the families do not take advantage of job training and placement opportunities, they could lose the rest of it as well. >> we are going to be hungry. >> this 10-year-old has been homeless for 18 months. her mother is a struggle with
5:34 pm
crack forced her to grow up fast. but a temporary assistance helps keep her family afloat. now that her mother has earned a food handlers license, she plans to start working as a couple. >> i want my dignity back. >> this is an inspiration for the program. 40% of families on the program have been on the payroll for more than five years and they have become a burden on the city budget. still, a council members as it is hard in this economy and the most honorable among us will suffer. stories like this are ones advocates say the cities stand to lose. she has an interview next week.
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>> my daughter does not have to be worried about old shoes or anything. >> those cuts will take place in february. if by that time families are not taking advantage of job training or placement opportunities, they will be taken off the payroll altogether. >> thank you. alexandria police want you to take a pledge this holiday season. mothers against drunk driving is asking drivers to tighten credit ribbons to their vehicles to remind people to drive this sober. >> all drunk driving crashes are not necessarily caused by bad people, but by bad decisions that good people make.
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>> this family now works actively to put a stop to drunk driving. let's see have the drivers on the road are doing this evening. >> you're looking at some slow traffic here at the capital beltway. the outer loop coming from college park heading over toward the northbound ramps. that is going to persist of a way to connecticut ave. after that, the pace improves briefly near georgetown road. that is on the left side of your screen. by the time you get to the american legion bridge, as usual, there is a very slow traffic coming into virginia and going out of virginia.
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taking a look a what is going on on the 270 northbound, there is slow traffic that will persist up until frederick. back to you. >> a local soldiers heading home from iraq surprised his children today. >> the lieutenant-colonel arrived this afternoon to the delight of his family. they were going to reagan national airport to pick up their grandfather, but instead, their father was there. >> he was running after me. i was like, "daddy, you are to home." >> i get to see them on the computer every day, but it is hard when you do not get to hold them.
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>> who would not want to hold that beautiful little girl? he is going to be home for six weeks, and then head back to iraq. >> that family will have a memorable christmas. >> absolutely. coming up, prince william is not the only royal family member getting married next year. we will tell you go else has an engagement. >> shop with a call today. -- with a cop today.
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>> of the spirit of christmas is alive and well in the district of columbia today. >> more than 100 needy children were given a shopping spree because of a district police officers. >> children teamed up with police officers today to shop with officers, and while they went on with this, the officers did not leave empty-handed either.
5:42 pm
it does not take long for this 12-year-old to pick out new closed for christmas, especially with tips she has gotten from the police chief. >> you do not want to get caught while you are shopping. -- hot while you are shopping. >> about 170 children received $100 today to shop at target, thanks to a donation from the police foundation. >> we are able to interact with kids and a positive way. i think it creates a memory that will never go away. >> this young man says in the event makes christmas special. >> people are having hard financial times. i am not exempt. it is nice to get some of things i really wanted for christmas. >> this man says it puts things in perspective.
5:43 pm
>> it touches your heart to do something like this. >> well younger children may be focused on one thing -- >> i like toys. >> their shopping partners understand the deeper meaning of their time together. the chief says it is important for children to see the good things police officers do. >> that is fantastic. >> a great idea. >> a loved it. >> coming up next, we will show you who is in town for a big event. >>
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>> president obama wants to make it easier for working mothers to breast feed at work. >> we are live in the newsroom with the the details. >> many private sector companies already provide this foremothers newly returning to the work force. now the federal government is
5:47 pm
getting into the act. >> this woman is a dedicated a nursing mother, so much so that when it came to deciding whether to return to work, she opted to stay home, partly because it would be difficult to continue to breast feed. >> especially in the early months, you have to come quite frequently. -- pump quite frequently. >> president obama is now asking federal workplaces to offer appropriate accommodations for nursing mothers. this is part of the health care reform law that provides breast- feeding rights for certain types of employees. lactation experts applaud this move. >> in the private sector, this has been a good thing, and i think it is great that the federal government has decided to adopt this.
5:48 pm
>> as a woman, i support it. i think it is a good idea for more options for more women to have kids and then worked at the same time. >> some federal government agencies already offer breast- feeding rooms for mothers. the new federal buildings are being required to include lactation rooms in their design. >> thank you so much. we are following some breaking news coming out of charlotte. a woman with a gun is inside a television station. all employees have been evacuated. they are now in the parking lot. in the woman with a the gun entered the lobby of the building. the 5:00 p.m. newscast went off the air shortly after this started. we will bring you more information as it becomes available. on a much lighter note,
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prince william has to make room on the engagement calendar. in another royal is also engaged. her longtime boyfriend popped the question, finally. her wedding date has not been set. >> she is a grammy award winner, a former quoted dancing with the stars" contestant, and a maryland native. she is shooting her first video in her home town. >> it feels wonderful to be in a town filled with culture and the arts. >> she is from prince george's county, and this video shoot will take her all over maryland. she is working with the company
5:50 pm
based in the d.c. area. >> did she call you? i know you got tight during "the dancing with the stars." >> we have strictly a ballroom relationship. she looks fantastic. i am sure that will be of great video. >> here is what is coming up at 6:00. >> we are following breaking news here in maryland. a decision was reached that could put to the preakness in jeopardy. also, security concerns in the united kingdom, and how they will affect citizens here in the united states. >> our meteorologist is keeping an eye on things for us. >> let's take a look depilate as conditions.
5:51 pm
it is 35 degrees on the campus of the university of maryland. 34 degrees in fredericksburg. they had a high of 38 this afternoon. it is uncomfortably cold day, not like early in the month when we were in the low 20s at this time of day. all eyes are on the west coast where headlines are being made by torrential rains. they will come ashore tomorrow, and make its way across the country tomorrow, and could bring as a snow on christmas day. whether it is a little or a lot remains to be determined. we will keep a close eye on it. christmas eve looks fine, partly cloudy, a good travel day. but then on christmas day and into sunday, the odds of snow are 50/50 right now.
5:52 pm
we will have more coming up at the top of the next hour. >> the redskins are finally talking. >> finally talking, but not saying much. it was the event heard round the world again. today, donovan mcnabb finally spoke about his demotion on a weekly radio show. he said he found out he would be the no. 3 quarterback from media reports. he publicly took a shot back at the redskins. >> i was taken aback. you get in that situation and all of a sudden you get moved a couple of days before the game. you do feel disrespected. you could have told me earlier or at least prepared before this. >> this time of year, most kids have a long list of presence they want. toys, jerseys, well how about
5:53 pm
this? one little girl had a wish to help others, and today she got some help from the redskins. santa was no match today for amber franklin. >> she said she wanted to give money to kids. >> she got the idea after meeting some orphans at her church. >> that is when i got the idea. i want to help kids have christmas. >> she said, i just want everybody else to have a good christmas like i have always had. >> today, she got her wish. she presented at the toys for tots campaign with a check. >> we had a very good year. we wanted to help her be able to give the way she wanted to give. >> it is very humbling to know that your child wants to help others and put others' needs
5:54 pm
before her on. >> is great that at that age, eight years old, she understands that she is more fortunate than some other kids. >> how about that. >> definitely special. >> how about that. >> definitely special.
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>> every christmas, the living room in one d.c. home is absolutely transformed by a nativity scene. >> what is even more amazing is that every year the scene and grows. we went to see what it is all about. >> for 20 years, this man has been building and nativity scene in his house. >> it is the essence of christmas, the symbol of christmas.
5:58 pm
without it, it would not be christmas for me. >> this italian version of the nativity includes flights, a working waterfall, and figures collected from all over the world. >> it has running water, electricity. it takes some time. >> he brought the tradition from his native italy. it has grown to a biblical creation that takes up half the living room. >> how big is it going to get? >> he wants to take a double room. >> sees starts at thanksgiving, working every night. there are stones from the nearby creek. hundreds come to an annual open house to see it. the tradition must be handed down to keep it alive.
5:59 pm
after 20 years, he is looking to his daughter and her daughter to do so. big shoes to fill, but important ones. >> for us, it is important that she not get caught up with the commercial christmas. i really think he is an artist and what he does is incredible. >> that is something. that is all now for us here at 5:00. coming your way at 6:00, terrorist threats overseas and growing concerns here in the united states. >> also, the future of the maryland courts racing industry, including the preakness, may be in doubt. >> live and in hd, this is abc-7 news at 6:00 -- on your side. >> live and in hd, this is abc-7 news at 6:00 -- on your side.


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